Task Forces

The Rocklin Police Department participates in three under-cover regional law enforcement task-forces:

  • Placer County Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
    • SIU focuses on illegal narcotics use and sales, as well as partnering with Placer County Probation Department in the supervision of prison realignment and high-risk probationers throughout Placer County.

  • Placer County Regional Auto-Theft Task Force (RATTF)
    • RATTF primary mission is to detect and apprehend auto-theft suspects and recover stolen vehicles in Placer County. Funded by a $1.00 DMV vehicle registration fee collected on each vehicle registered in Placer County, the task force is supervised by a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Sergeant, and consists of detectives from Rocklin Police, CHP, Placer Sheriff and Roseville Police.

  • Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force
    • The mission of the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force is multi-jurisdictional investigations; tracking and disruption of commerce involving stolen goods; and investigation and prosecution of those engaged and participating in white-collar crime, organized crime, crimes against persons, and fraud when high technology or identity theft is a factor.