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Instructor Proposals

Instructor Proposal Form
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How do I submit a class proposal?

Class Instructor Proposals may be filled out online (using the form below), dropped off at the Rocklin Community Services Office, 2650 Sunset Blvd. or mailed to 2650 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin 95677.

Do I need to submit a resume?
Yes, an instructor resume must also be submitted. The resume must include three personal references as well as three professional references. Please list any credentials, awards, titles or other information which applies. Note: If you fill out the application form online then submit your resume by email to

Can I submit additional information?
This form is meant as a guideline. You may submit information in your own format if you would prefer.

How do you decide which class proposals are chosen?
Facility time is limited, and only a few new proposals are selected to become classes.A new class may be instituted if the following occurs:

  1. A need for the particular class is demonstrated in the community.
  2. The instructor applicant meets minimum standards.
  3. Appropriate staff support is available.
  4. There are no conflicts with current classes.
  5. Facility is available.
  6. City and Contractor come to an agreement.

When will I find out if my proposal was chosen?
Do not expect an immediate response following the submittal of your paperwork.We publish two
activity schedules per year. We begin to schedule classes about four months in advance of each publication. Current instructors are surveyed first and scheduled into the facility, then new instructor proposals will be reviewed and new classes scheduled.

Online Form Instructor Proposal Form
Fill It Out Online

If you have questions, please call Ilana Cristo, Recreation Supervisor at 916.625.5200.